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Central Nippon Highway Engineering Nagoya Company Limited

Internship period

From July-27, 2009 to August-21, 2009



Central Nippon Highway Engineering Nagoya Company Limited, is one of subsidiaries of Central Nippon NEXCO, the leading highway operators in Japan. The company has function of inspecting and collecting various data on the highway network operated by Central Nippon NEXCO. For the implementation of Pavement Management System and Bridge Management System, the first step is to collect various data on current highway network and record those data on database system.The emerging questions are which kind of data should be collected and how should they be recorded. The purpose of this internship was to grasp the understanding of current practice on inspection data collection and data recording process by directly involving in various operating practices.



Internship content

Overall, the internship consisted of indoor activies and outdoor activities. For the indoor activities, I was given explanation on company structure, main operations and various inspection know-hows and data recording process. For outdoors activities, I directly experienced inspection operations such as visual inspection hammering test, infrared-camera inspection on various type of bridges and structures. Additionaly, I had chance to visit Central Nippon NEXCO highway network, bridges and many highway service areas.



Nguyen Quy Hoang

Kyoto University, Graduate School of Management
Project Operation Management
Email: nguyenquy.hoang(at)

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