Prof. Junichi Susaki

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Associate Prof. Kakuya Matsushima


Focusing on the strategic complementarities that arise from the interaction between market participants, we analyze face-to-face communication behavior and transportation market structure using microeconomics and game theory, focusing on meeting behavior and various types of transportation markets that are necessary for the exchange of advanced knowledge and information.

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Emeritus Prof. Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Kiyoshi Kobayashi

With the aim of constructing a desirable social system in an advanced knowledge society, we analyze the optimal form of business investment, social capital development and maintenance strategies, risk management against uncertainties such as disasters and changes in social conditions, and communication and human behavior mainly from the perspective of economics and mathematical engineering, and propose tools, methodologies, and policy theories to solve these problems.

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Secretary Tomoko Nakao


She took up her position in October 2019.

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Assistant Prof. Shunsuke Segi


I am conducting research on long-term investment strategies for infrastructure, the effects of transportation infrastructure development on regional and urban economies, and measures to improve the loading and unloading efficiency of container terminals. In addition to trying to gain an accurate understanding of the phenomena occurring in society, I would like to conduct research on ways to improve the problems by utilizing methods such as dynamic optimization problems, economic models, and simulation analysis.

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